Weed Legalization In Canada, The True Facts

As a matter of fact, it has been confirmed that Marijuana is now legal in Canada and users can buy whenever they need from the available stores. There are however some rules that need to be followed before the purchase of this recreational weed. First of all, minors who are below 18 years of age are out of the bracket. Only the adults are permitted to be in possession.

From the time of legalization, the drug was not available on the stores as many would have imagined. There has been systematic distribution of the drug in various stores across the provinces and as at now the drug can be easily accessed from the retailers.  However the consumers have to ensure the retailers have been licensed as per the regulations of the law in Canada.

There are also some warning signs that all Marijuana users In Canada need to know. First of all, marijuana use is only permitted in buy weed online in Canada and this means anyone found with the weed while coming or leaving Canada will be executed by the guiding laws.  To avoid serious criminal charges, the best you can do is use the weed only while in Canada.

The minors on the other hand are also not permitted to distribute, possess or even use marijuana. Much as it was the second country to permit the use of marijuana, there has been some socio economic impact across the country and globally. The obvious effect is there has been a ready market for the marijuana dealers.

You could be wondering on some of the reasons why marijuana was legalized. Well, it was all for the good reasons. After discovering that a good number of users were using marijuana, the legalization of marijuana was effected in accordance to cannabis act. Another reason was also to reduce the large number of crimes that had resulted from marijuana use.    

Much as this was passed by the senate, the health professionals have been in fear of the adverse effect that would come with the legalization of marijuana However, the government has ascertained that there will be strict rules to govern the selling, purchasing and possession of the same.  The government also made it clear for all the drivers to ensure they are not under the influence of marijuana during operation as they will too be convicted with the law.

Anyway, the good news for the investors could be that marijuana has now gained a ready market in Canada. Some studies revealed that huge profits of up to $ 4 billions in Canada.  Well, this all said and done the legalization of Marijuana in Canada has been well received by the citizens, though there are critics as well.