Understand The Use Of Marijuana As A Medicine

 Medical marijuana

The medical cannabis is what is also referred to as medical marijuana. This plant has not been at all, processed since it was extracted. The uses of the marijuana have not gone through complete testing as due to the regulations which have been posed by the government. There are some small incidences which however shows that the use of marijuana as a medicine good for reducing nausea and vomiting to the victims going through chemotherapy.it also helps improve the appetite for the ones suffering from HIV/AIDS


In some countries of the U.S, marijuana has already been legalized as a medicine. While to some counties, the bill is not passed yet. There are no enough studies which have shown the effectiveness of using the medicine. This plant is also used for the recreational purposes buy weed online in Canada It has been known to treat the following diseases.

•    Cancer

•    Loss of appetite

•    Glaucoma

•    Muscle spasms

•    Mental health and disorder

•    Alzheimer disease

There is the active chemical in the cannabis, and it is also the chemical used in the body for memory, pain, and appetite and body movement. These chemicals have been tested and seen to be used in

•    Reducing anxiety

•    Killing cancer and slow growth of the tumor

•    Helps in the appetite especially to the victims of cancer and HIV/AIDS.


It requires hundreds and thousands of people to go through the medication, it can be determined the benefits and health risks involved. Until now no research has shown the information based on the health risks of marijuana. The reason it has not been accepted by the FDA totally. However, there are short and long terms side effects to the consumption of marijuana.

The short-term effects-if you have smoked the cannabis, the smoke is absorbed in the lungs, and to the whole body through the bloodstream. The chemicals are also pumped to the brain. If you have eaten or drunk the marijuana, the body will absorb the THC and it’s when you start getting the high feeling. This after 30-60 minutes of the intake. The mood changes, memory becomes impaired, you start getting hallucinations, delusions, a damaged sense of time and thinking and solving problems get hard.

The long-term effects-if the buy weed online marijuana intake started when you were a teenager, the research has shown that the brain will be impaired and this will be a permanent process. To those who stopped using marijuana as they are adults, the mental abilities will not be recovered fully. Since at the age of 13 and 38n they could have lost some if the IQs