Cannabis Smoking vs. Edible Effects

Cannabis is an Indian hemp plant used as medicinal or recreational drug and is also known as Marijuana. It can be taken orally in form of edible flowers or vaporizers while smoking. Eating and smoking Cannabis ingredients varies based on the below factors: 


  • Absorption and onset timing. 
  • Discretion 
  • Health effects. 
  1. Absorption and Timing. 

During smoking, the body absorbs cannabis in a quick mode through the lungs. After inhaling, one may feel the effects after 5 minutes which fade after one hour at most. 

Eating cannabis involves digestive system which takes at least 2hours to feel the effects even though the effects are long- lasting. 

  1. Discretion. 

Smoking produces strong and distinctive smoke or vapor which leaves the room with no ventilation. 

Eating cannabis is one of the most discreet ways of consuming Marijuana since they produce no smoke or vapor hence no distinctive smell acknowledged.  

       c)Health Factors 

Fortunately, not all cannabis edibles contain high level of sugar and some are even sugarless.  The sugarless or low- sugar cannabis include the cannabis mints, which are easy to find. Alternatively, a cannabis user can make his own edibles hence easily manage the components. There is also an option of making infused granolas cannabis products, salad marijuanabars rich in protein, or any preference. 

Effects of Smoking Cannabis 

  1.  Reaction. 

Some cannabis addicts enjoy the fast reactions induced by the quick onset timing obtained after inhaling the product. The drugs are used as recreational assets hence are the best option for relaxation for someone who needs to feel high faster. In case where one has huge workload or pressure from the boss, cannabis inhalation acts as a great relief.   

  1. b)Easy Dosage. 

One may calculate the frequency of a perfect smoking based on the dose taken on a daily basis. Everyone has their own preference hence one may take a dose according to their level of satisfaction. 

     c)Different Flower Strains Made of Different Aroma and Flavor. 

Cannabis flower strains varies in terms of aroma and flavor hence a user chooses a dosage base on the two aspects. The flowers strains have different psychoactive effects and can have an earthy, citrus or sweet taste. 

Effects of Edible Cannabis. 

  1. Comes in Varieties. 

Edible cannabis is found in different forms such as candies, chips, infused cookies, tea, nuts, sauces, pretzels and energy drinks. 

  1. Long-lasting Effects after Consumption. 

Despite the prolonged absorption of cannabis edibles, the effects are always long-lasting. A marijuana user does not have to consume a lot of it to boost the performance since any amount consumed gives a long-lasting effect. 

Take Away. 

It iadvisable to understand the entire functions of cannabis in terms of potency and negative effects before consuming it. 

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