2020 Cannabis ballot initiative

In the United States, a state is a fundamental political entity, of which there are presently 50.organized in a political union each state holds parliamentary power over a separate and clear geographic territory and shares its authority with the national government. 

Separate from the huge number of states where marijuana and drug policy reform questions could appear before the voter on the ballot, lawmakers in many states are expected to consider bills to legalize marijuana. 

from the time when Colorado and Washington became the first two states to approve cannabis authorization initiative in 2012 more states have joined them in each biennial election that has followed.2020 could be the banner year for cannabis in the ballot. 

There below is a list of some states where advocates believe marijuana measures could go before voters some considering full-scale recreation legalization while others would focus on medical cannabis. Several of these would be citizen’s ideas where campaigners collect signatures to qualify a measure for the ballot, while others would be referendum that politicians place before the voter. 


The people in Arizona rejected marijuana legalization measure in 2016, but due to great campaign involvement from the pharmaceutical industry, this year the states medical cannabis companies will be working to pass an initiative known as making marijuana legal for adults. 

The initiative known as smart and safe Arizona would allow people above 21 years to consume, cultivate and purchase cannabis from licensed retailers. 


In 2016, Arkansas electorates accepted a constitutional change allowing patients to have legal access to medical cannabis. Now campaigners are floating separate measures to more broadly end marijuana prohibition and expunge records. 

Under the legalization proposal, adults over 21 years would be allowed to possess up to four ounces of marijuana, 2 ounces of cannabis concentrate and edible products containing cannabis. They could also cultivate up to six cannabis flowering plant for personal use. If the proposal passes in the ballot a system of legal and regulated sales will be created, with tax revenue funding the implementation of the program. 

People with certain prior conviction would be able to petition courts for relief, including release from incarceration, reduction of remaining sentence and restoration of voting right. 


Voters approved to legalize medical cannabis in 2016. In 2020 activists are working for further amendments which will allow adults 21 and above to poses up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis and the licensed dispensary to sell marijuana to adults. 


Voters in the state approved a medical cannabis measure in 2018. Now, advocates are considering to expand on that with a broader marijuana validation. Several proposed measures to end the cannabis ban have been filed with the clerk of states. 

According to research done recently, it shows that 67 percent of Americans feel cannabis should be legal while 91 percent feel it should at least be legal for medical purposes. The polls being conducted will determine if cannabis will be fully legalized or the citizens will reject it. 

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